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11 Dumb Things Camera Companies Are Still Doing

19 thoughts on 11 Dumb Things Camera Companies Are Still Doing

  1. The day camera companies will eliminate the 1/4 ” socket, people will realise how usefull it is. Personnaly, I don’t agree with most of what the author is saying in this article.
    First, you need the 1/4″ socket under the camera to fix an Arca Swiss style plates.
    Secondly, the tripod Collars Braced is essential for heavy lenses that would risk breakind the camera attachment if you would be using an Arca Swiss plate or else attached to the camera with an heavy lens.
    Those are only two of the false information we can find in this article.
    Personnaly, I really think PETAPIXEL should be a little bit more selective when choosing to publish an article.

  2. Too many super systems out there trying to do everything w/ added hooks that are gimmicky and only serve to overcomplicate the product in general. I’m fine with DSLR manufacturers sticking to what they do best – making amazing glass paired with superior sensor technology.

  3. Really? Complaining about a 1/4″ tripod mount?
    “It’s so ubiquitous and small I hate it!”

    It’s like complaining about how USB type A connectors have been on every computer for 2 decades. “I hate how convenient it is to pull a 15 year old cable out of a drawer and have it work!”

    I went to the hardware store, got a 1/4″ threaded stud and put it in the top of my hiking staff. Now the hiking pole I always have with me is a super sturdy monopod for any camera made in the last half century.
    Do that with an ArcaSwiss.

  4. Don’t agree for all pointed. It’s more a question of costs than lazy… it’s very expensive to change a metallic piece and that must be compatible with all old models. They don’t sell millions & millions to have ROI. Some points you’re correct

  5. 1. Arca Swiss is great. Yet a lot of people buy Manfrottos with no replaceable tripod plates and have no idea what they are missing.

    2. Too much engineering for companies to produce tripod feet with two connections to the lens.

    3. Meike gives out RF remotes with their battery grips! I have no idea why camera companies are not doing that! It’s actually the only decent remote that triggers my A7 when it’s connected to the PC via USB, which is also the normal remote release port. Some Fuji cameras have 3 different physical remote ports on them, in addition to the WiFi.

    4. Slow WiFi? You are lucky Nikon puts WiFi on their cameras. I’m still surprised they abandoned film. Also, anyone who has used a Sony with NFC would be amazed how easy it is to connect the camera to the phone. Lack of that in other brands is just as annoying as slow WiFi.

    5. Once I thought my cards were slow because I had them for relatively cheap and I was waiting for seconds after a long continious shoot. Turned out it’s my camera. How much more expensive would it cost to make it faster?

    6. Yep, we still have USB 2.0. It’s alright for tethering though, just not for massive file transfer.

    7. Any idea how long it took Sony to build a camera that DOES NOT discharge itself when it’s connected via USB, even though the camera is off? 😀

    8. I use an extra extension cord in front of my USB cables. That way when the pins eventually die, I just replace the 10cm cord and not the whole expensive 6m tethering cable.

    9. Hahahaha optical viewfinders.

    10. You hit the nail on the head there, pretty much. Actually it’s even worse than JPEG vs RAW sometimes, as it’s usually based on the camera display instead of JPEG altogether. If you turn Setting Effect Preview OFF or equivalent setting in most cameras (to work with studio strobes, camera ignores exposure settings and maintains a constant 0EV exposure on the rear screen so you see everything); histogram, zebra and many other features will fail because they are fed from what you see on the LCD/EVF.

    11. Have you seen the menu translations in other languages? Let alone sentences, even basic terminology gets butchered most of the time. Yep. Costs.

  6. Wow, literally everything listed here is what m43 companies have been doing right for ages. So glad I switched. I prefer shooting my $600 Panasonic over my $3300 Nikon every single day.

  7. All digital cameras are going to be obsolete in 10 years or less. The proliferation of post-processing has already resulted in most of the final image being produced via computational photography. The camera is merely a small part (the part that grabs the scene) of the process. With the iPhone X we will see a rapidly increasing trend into pure computational photography where all the camera/lens/lighting combos we used to create a specific look, will be simulated instead by the processor in your phone. Want bokeh, macro, wide angle, tilt-shift, motion blur, Rembrandt lighting? Will all be done by the phone. Just need a high resolution/dynamic range scene-capturing sensor in your phone.

  8. Seems like the author doesn’t have any problem with camera companies instead just with one camera company – Nikon. Blaming and naming nikon in almost every point. Dude, instead of getting a camera, I would suggest you to go & get a life. Most disgusting post of petapixel ever. Waste of time.

  9. Bravo PP and Thom Hogan…this is a good article. I actually think I cussed him out and blocked him on FB for being a condescending SOB who didn’t listen…but this is still a good article. He listens to himself well but doesn’t play nice with others, or show them respect I guess…lol.

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