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Return on Investment From TFP Shoots

Are TFP shoots worth it? Find out!

Return on Investment From TFP Shoots

If you work with people, whether it be kids, families, seniors, adults, or professional models, male or female, then you have almost certainly shot a TFP (trade for print) shoot before. While the definition of tfp is flexible these days, as most commonly we mean “trade time for digital images” rathe…

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2 thoughts on Return on Investment From TFP Shoots

  1. I only shoot TFP. I think hobbyists get it in their heads that they have to make money off their photography or else they aren’t really photographers. That’s just untrue. I love making portraits. I love shooting what I want to shoot. I never accept a paid gig. If I think the shoot will be fun and creative, I do it for the fun. If I think it will be work or boring, I don’t.

    Hobbyists: don’t let the pros force you to turn your hobby into a business. Just keep doing what you enjoy and keep growing as a photographer in the process.

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