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How To Become The Best Headshot Photographer In The World

18 thoughts on How To Become The Best Headshot Photographer In The World

  1. You must be joking, right?! 🙂

    As much respect as Hurley and his work deserves… just to name a few:

    David Bailey | Steve McCurry | Platon | Anton Corbijn | Sandro Miller | Albert Watson | Michael Muller | Gregory Heisler | Nadav Kander … and the list goes on and on… and on


  2. Have done his workshop. loved it. Seeing him shoot is really interesting because when you look at the subject you think yeh, that’s ok, but when you look at the result on screen – it’s amazing. Peters unique personality is part of reason he archives such great shots. The other thing to note is consistency. Many people can get a great headshot every now and then. But he was nailing it every-time!!! That’s very important if it’s your business.

  3. I wonder how many years you’ve been trying to promote his guy. Please do yourself a favor and stop for once, he isn’t the best headshot photographer in the world, not even after you’ve repeated it thousands of times and tried to shove his DVD down our throats every single day.

  4. I’ll summarize it for you: buy a fuck ton of experience softboxes, surround your subject with them and good luck if you shoot outdoors cause you’re gonna have to lug all that shit around.

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