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Instagram Reveals Redesigned Logo and Minimal New Look

22 thoughts on Instagram Reveals Redesigned Logo and Minimal New Look

  1. It’s unnecessary, lame, stupid, goes against everything! Previous one wasn’t a logo. It was a brand. This is a lesson in how not to do #ReBranding. Just like Uber fiasco. This is not done. Even their explanations and brand theory doesn’t make sense. It’s lame. New one looks like a stock image.

    Branding 101. Once you are iconic. You don’t change the most recognizable things about your brand. It’s like ‘ the new coke’ debacle.

  2. Who cares. The new icon is kind of dumb, I admit, but how does #instragram changing the logo effect your life? Does the change take money out of your bank account? Does it scare your children? Probably not. It’s a big fat non-issue as far as I’m concerned. The more I use instagram the more I like the app and the less I use facebook.

  3. I actually don’t hate it as much as I thought I would. I’ve been using it for a few minutes and I like it. It would have been nice if they’d introduced a few new editing features at the same time – I’d still like to see a watermarking feature added.

  4. If you look at the IOS 7 Logo and this one , you will see that its not a Original one . Wish they would worry about the PC users . Cant upload from a pc , have to go about it different ways . as a photographer who use’s there phone for all there shots ? i dont and i wont ever .

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