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When The Cloud Evaporates: is Shutting Down

When The Cloud Evaporates: is Shutting Down

When The Cloud Evaporates: is Shutting Down

The cloud has gained popularity in recent years, and is often recommended as a way to store and backup your photos, but what do you do when the service kicks the bucket?
That’s exactly what millions of users are about to find out, with Copy dropping the bomb and announcing it will be shutting down on May 1, 2016.

The popular online storage solution, offered by Barracuda, informed users at the beginning of the month that they have three months to find an alternative storage solution for any files currently stored on the cloud service.
Stating that the company’s “focus has shifted”, after providing the service for over four years, the message found on Copy’s homepage states that the resources invested in the service will be allocated elsewhere in the company.
Ensuring its users don’t only have enough time to move their data, but also have the ability to do so, Barracuda has brought M …

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