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Rare Night Vision Lens Produces Beautiful Swirly Bokeh for Portraits

PetaPixel For the weird lens lovers out there, this is pretty cool. Rare Night Vision Lens Produces Beautiful Swirly Bokeh for Portraits Usually, getting some beautiful swirly bokeh on the cheap means looking to used Russian lenses like the Helios 44-2. But if you’re determined to get more c Read More at PetaPixel

This photo illustrates the impact of angle and photographic vision – DIY Photography

DIYPhotography Just a reminder folks: Angle Matters! This photo illustrates the impact of angle and photographic vision – DIY Photography If you’ve been in the photography field for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard it. It’s not the gear, it’s the brains. And good photographers can see potential where others see dullness. Take this Save The Date shoot from Tom Saimon (previously). No clouds, boring skies. Now, many photographe… Read More at DIY Photography

Bionic Lens Eye Implant Could Offer Vision Improvements Well Beyond 20/20

Popular Photography A Canadian doctor has come up with a lens implant that can fix even severely poor vision Bionic Lens Eye Implant Could Offer Vision Improvements Well Beyond 20/20 Read More at Popular Photography

Apple is critiquing your photos with new AI computer vision tech acquisition

Is this the end of bad phone photos on social media? Apple is critiquing your photos with new AI computer vision tech acquisition TechCrunch report that Apple has acquired a small computer vision AI tech startup, Regaind. They say that the report has come from multiple sources, and if true could be very cool for the future of Apple’s mobile photography. Apple already added an intelligent search to the iPhone Photos app a coupl… Link to the full Popular Photography […]

Jack of All Trades Versus Tunnel Vision Photographers

What’s the right way to go? Jack of All Trades Versus Tunnel Vision Photographers When it comes to photographers, there seem to be those that dabble in a bit of everything and there are those that shoot one and only one genre. It’s a difference of mindset and of perspective, but is either better than the other or does it boil down to a matter of preference? Is there a clear cut b… Link to the full Fstoppers Facebook post

Mother & Father: A Portrait of Loss – British Journal of Photography

In this week’s installment of the FullBleed series, renowned fine-art photographer Paddy Summerfield reveals the experience of documenting his mother’s worsening Alzheimer’s and his father’s unrelenting dedication to caring for her. Living and working in Oxford his entire life, Paddy Summerfield is renowned for his evocative series of black and white images, all shot on 35mm film, which co-opt the traditional genre of documentary photography to realise a more personal and inward looking vision. Summerfield came to prominence in the […]

It’s All in Your Head: Photographic Vision Over Photographic Skills

You’ve got to have vision. It’s All in Your Head: Photographic Vision Over Photographic Skills Photographers will spend tons of money and lots of time perfecting their use of the tools of their trade. We buy books and classes, watch tutorials, and spend time practicing, gather in professional groups, and shadow other photographers. While we learn how to use our gear, there is one thing we sho… Link to the full Fstoppers story

What’s Your Best Score on This Ridiculous Color Vision Test?

How well can you see small differences in color? This silly online test will tell you (kinda) What’s Your Best Score on This Ridiculous Color Vision Test? Link to the full Popular Photography story

Jim Peterson Takes Nature Photography to a Whole New Level with His Artistic Vision of the World

A breathtaking vision of the great outdoors. Jim Peterson Takes Nature Photography to a Whole New Level with His Artistic Vision of the World Lunar Eclipse, Cathedral Rock, Sedona, Arizona ©Jim Peterson We’ve long been enamored with the stunning imagery of nature photographer Jim Peterson whose work exhibits both a keen eye for composition and a technical mastery of our craft. Based in Sedona, Arizona, Peterson conveys his vision of the w… Link to the full Shutterbug Magazine story

Photographer changes face of autism – KARE

Photographer changes face of autism – KARE BURNSVILLE, Minn. – The photographer welcoming guests to her Burnsville studio is about to be a guest herself – in Truman Lane’s world. “Hello world,” says Truman, face first in the lens of a visiting television photographer. He hops. He claps. He mugs. Photographer changes face of autism – KARE thumbnail courtesy of

We Don’t Have to Have Sight To Truly See

Unique vision from a blind photographer – Bristol24/7

Full Provision Is Made For Our Cure

John 5:4
For an angel went down at a certain season into the pool, and troubled the water: whosoever then first after the troubling of the water stepped in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had.

When You Are All Out Of Hope

A pregnancy after a miscarriage can be difficult to endure. That’s why this viral image of six moms either pregnant with or holding their rainbow babies is beyond inspiring.

When The World Goes Low…

What Is True Joy? Doing well and doing good not only go together, but are among the secret ingredients of true joy. Not the joy that comes from graduating from college, landing your first job, getting married, having a child, buying your dream car or home, or retirement. Those things are joyful, but they are also fleeting. Their elation will last for a time and will undoubtedly be interrupted by life’s unfortunate circumstances. However, true joy gives us the strength to look […]

When Does An “Ad” Subtract? When It Divides Instead Of Multiplies Of Course…

I cannot remember a time when the culture of advertising was truly inclusive (or the media for that matter). You would think that advertisers selling a product or service would want to appeal to the largest possible audience of potential customers. “Not just the perfect ones.” If I am selling soap, why would I only want to sell it to people who looked or acted like me? When advertisers choose certain “types” of people to represent their product and intentionally exclude others, […]

The World According To The World. A Frightening Look.

Whatever belief system you subscribe to, I think most of us can agree that civilization is becoming increasingly self-destructive. I suppose we may have been more barbaric in the distant past (and that may be debatable). Yet, has man’s creation of increasingly complex systems including government, finance & economics, health & medicine, organized religion, education, agriculture, commerce, technology, science, communications, media, and transportation, promoted progress for the human race? Is progress leaving anyone behind? Are we eradicating sickness and poverty; improving the quality, […]

Congratulations! You Are Destined To Conquer The Impossible!

Congratulations! By clicking this article, you are on your way to conquering the impossible – Your special impossible. The term “impossible” places such a burden on our lives as we grow up being told that more things are impossible than possible and that those things that are possible by someone are simply not possible by us. The reality is the contrary. Each of us has our own possible impossible. However, it requires a self-confidence and more importantly, a strong faith in God […]

The Problem With Making Plans

When we become too committed to what we think is “right or best” for us, we do not open our hearts to what God may have in store for our lives. I call it the studio apartment syndrome. We do not leave any room for God to live and work in our lives. Letting go of our conviction, for at least a moment, may reveal a better plan to be convicted to. Often, such plans, would never have had an opportunity to enter our imagination or consideration.

If we want God to work in our lives, we have to mentally move into a “McMansion” because God takes up that much room and more! -Greg Pai

Photo Credit: Greg Pai

Ever Feel Like Your Life Is Going Nowhere?

Do you feel like your life is going nowhere? I have great news. Nowhere is always somewhere; It just may not feel like anywhere right at the moment. Yet, life is not just a moment, but a continuum of moments strung together to form a glorious story. Your story. How do I know this is true?

God create you for greatness. You are an amazing creation with amazing ability and potential. Be patient and savor the moments. Be intentional, yet regard your current circumstances as part of a bigger plan. There is a bigger plan. Think back to the many times in the past you felt this way and then suddenly your circumstances changed. You may feel like you are in the middle of nowhere right now but I assure you, you are very much in the middle of somewhere. Blessings… -gp

Photo Credit: Greg Pai

Are You A True Friend?

Photo Credit: Greg Pai

The world of reality television wants us to believe that the way to live is in conflict. Particularly among our family and friends. This is not natural.

The Single Most Influential Landscape Photographer

“Sometimes I do get to places just when God’s ready to have somebody click the shutter.” -Ansel Adams

A Study in Vision, Light and Shadows

Photography Life Incredible photos from the Algodones Dunes by Rick Keller, including his thought process behind the shots: A Study in Vision, Light and Shadows Three years ago, when I made my first photo tour through the magnificent landscapes of Iceland, I fondly recall an interesting dinner discussion with my fellow photographers. We had just returned to our guest house from a memorable photo shoot. As we shared good wine, food, and laughs, the discussio… Read More at Photography […]

You Have A “Whole” In Your Head

This photo is called “Gimme A Kiss” and it depicts man’s fascination with art. So – Not all of us are a natural-born Picasso. However, God did give all of us an amazing gift to create and be creative. Let your creative juices flow in all that you do. Don’t be satisfied leading just a “left brain” life. Even if that is your strength. God gave you a right side too. And for a reason. To support your creativity, imagination, intuition, artistic […]

Every Day Is A New Day

“Every day begins with the opportunity to see the world differently. To appreciate everything and everyone around us.” -Greg Pai

Photo Credit: Greg Pai

Have You Ever Been Alone?

“Seek God’s presence in your quiet moments and better than a best friend, He will be there with you.” -Greg Pai

Get Hitched…

Hitch yourself to God’s purpose for your life and you will not get lost or rust.

Do You Know When To Stay Still?

I classify anxiety as an official weapon of mass destruction. It has overwhelmed modern society and very few if any can avoid its wrath. It interferes with our ability to function, relate, share, connect, serve, work, play, imagine, sleep, rest, enjoy, and pray. [Did I forget anything?] Pharmaceutical companies are printing money on our backs while only providing temporary transient relief and no cure. But what is the answer? The answer lies in finding peace and rest in God. A peace that surpasses […]

Time For Peace

Let us acknowledge photographers who have promoted peace through their work. The world longs for peace but seems to have a bit of trouble finding it. We need more great captures like Mr. Rodwell’s to touch our hearts and encourage us to seek peace, inspire peace, and photograph peace so that it is continuously in our vision. Meet the photographer who took Time for Peace photograph – Belfast Newsletter “This photograph remains a poignant and memorable image of Northern Ireland’s fractured past. The […]

Peripheral Vision On Steroids!

Imagine that you could see the entire universe in a single photo.

Enjoy The Ride!

Taxi! Taxi! Hail A ride. Life is grand. I’m Alive! City streets lined in yellow. God’s sure good to this average fellow.

Do You Have 20/20 Vision?

We live in a “Snap Chat” culture and we are snapping and chatting our lives away desensitizing ourselves to the beauty of the world around and within us. We went from hanging memorable pictures on the wall, to the photo album, to the slide tray, to the shoebox, to the hard drive, and now a plethora of images in the cloud getting little to no attention. Let us not confuse the gift of sight with the blessing of seeing. Seeing takes […]

It May Be Time To Get Your Photographer On!

See how 13 year old Emma Ketterer uses photography to get out of bed every morning.

Only God!

Passion God is the source of Passion which gives us the ability to pursue our ability.