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Photographing People & Life

Capturing God’s greatest creation in the form of spontaneous or anticipated moments produces a perfect exhibition of just how magnificent a creation we are.  Candid photographs depict both our vulnerabilities and potential in ways that simply cannot be posed or staged.  And when we think no one is watching – God is…  So when God blesses a photographer with this opportunity to join Him for a nanosecond of time and the permission to digitally freeze that moment, we are really freezing a moment through God’s eyes, most of which too often go unnoticed in our daily race or are typically too private to witness.

New York! Just Like I Pictured It!
New York! Just Like I Pictured It!

Deeply rooted in this generation’s fascination with the Selfie (which I often call the Selfish-ie), is a desire to capture a self portraiture we want people to believe is spontaneous and expressive when in fact, it produces the contrary.  Without He who breathes life into us, we are just dust. Selfies are really Dusties.  However, when a photographer seizes these special moments on film (now I’m dating myself!), we have the ultimate depiction of who we really are.  And if we set aside privacy, vulnerability, and embarrassment for a moment, we share a very deep attribute of our grand design that has repercussive impact when shared with an audience.

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