No Such Thing As Coincidence

Coincidence or God’s timing?  Let’s ask the more pertinent question first.  What is a coincidence? The dictionary definition of a coincidence is “a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.” Hmm. Sounds exactly like the way God works.

First – God, along with all He has done and will do, is remarkable.  He has supremacy and control over all events. Second – what appears to be without a connection or unpredictable to us, is already known to Him because He knows all things long before they occur.

In this picture called, “Red Means Go,” God allowed the photographer to capture a “coincidental” (or not so coincidental) moment where the original  main subject (a bright red door contrasted by the freshly painted yellow road striping) came to LIFE when a biker entered the frame wearing the exact same colors on his bike, shirt and helmet. Wow! What a coincidence!  I mean, What A GOD!

Think about how many times a day God is placing remarkably concurrent events without any apparent connection in your life.  Some noticed and disregarded as coincidence.  Likely many more completely ignored or missed entirely.

This is just one of many ways God communicates with us throughout the day, throughout our lives, letting us know that He is always with us. Throughout the day, we need to stay still long enough to witness and enjoy these amazing moments.

4 thoughts on No Such Thing As Coincidence

  1. Im writing a book on Gods existence , to thwart off Atheists and have had many spiritual experiences. One is where my best friend Brian and I shook hands on if I die first I’ll let you know and if you die first you’ll let me know!well Brian died first and he let me know …I was in the Hospital room where Brian was laying lifeless I was praying and meditating and when I lifted my head I saw a marvelous sight .. I actually wasn’t sure what was going on. I sat up and looked and I was no longer in the hospital room … I was in a room with a long window with red blinds. And there was a light moving around behind the slats of the blinds on the outside of the window… I closed my eyes and rubbed them thinking I was hallucinating and as soon as I opened my eyes again the blinds were gone and I could see lights moving and they were shedding some dark but luminous matter as they moved. They then were appearing to jump into a river of lights and as my eyes followed the river as it moved toward the horizon line there was a huge white sun where all of these souls were going into. And no I’m NOT joking and I do not take medication. I just want to share my experience. Since then I went back to school got a bachelors degree and am working on my masters in positive psychology and writing a book entitled ” current culture dynamics of positive psychology”. And yes I do mention The miracles of God and many of my miraculous experiences in my book Thanks Steven P. Kunkel
    Ps I would like to hear some more of your stories and possibly use some of them got my “God Exists” book , of course with citations giving the authors credit….

    • Amazing story Steven! I am looking forward to seeing a transcript of your book when it is ready. And yes – i would be delighted to give you some quotes or use of some of my content with citations and author’s credit. But please make sure you give the ultimate credit to the ultimate author, God! thank you and bless you my friend…

  2. Regarding a post from Sept. 2015, that I just read, “No Such Thing as Coincidence”: a friend calls these events “Godincidences.” Brilliant, huh?

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