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Saving For A Rainy Day

Saving For A Rainy Day was selected by the photographer (Greg Pai) as his choice for the most inspirational and artistic photo of the year from his collection for its promise of HOPE. The umbrellas are identical in construction, but different enough to add an amazing harmony of color against a perfectly blue sky to the total composition – Very much as we have been so beautifully made. However, while the umbrellas have the appearance of free floating to the Heavens, they are seemingly held down  to earth by “tension” wires.

Want A Date?The location of this picture was on a street in the center of Jerusalem where the photographer was inspired by the potential of this moment and a chance to witness the deep presence of God. A place where His presence is so desperately needed and sought. Jerusalem is a place where all God’s children converge and where the weight of the world un-rests.

“If for only a moment, as I looked through the lens and framed this shot, I was able to dream of what it would be like to cut these wires of bondage and tension, and witness all God’s children ascend into the heavens and into His loving arms. A world free of violence, oppression, starvation, and disease.”

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