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“I Do!”

Nothing says I do like “I Do!” Taken yesterday, this picture captured that exact moment and what a moment it was indeed. The photographer was standing behind a podium less than six feet from the action fumbling through some papers to look less than interested in what was going on. Just as the young lady’s soon-to-be-fiancé knelt, a concealed camera was pulled out and the moment was frozen in time. She was so caught up in the moment, she never really noticed the distraction. That’s the power of LOVE!

L1030039-Edit__© 2015 Gregory PaiGod is so good! When we find that special person, He places a love between a couple just like the love He has for us. Those of us that are married, need to remember that moment every day of our challenged days here on earth. It is a split second that we literally see God in each other. Jared and Krista are among the likely few who were able to create an unusual photographic archive of this very candid and revealing event.

Still – the rest of us can meditate on this photo and remember that specific time for ourselves.  Rest assure that God was with you that day, and is with you today in your marriage.  Bless you all…

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