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Don’t Believe The Hype – Beauty Is Not In The Eyes Of The Beholder…

Beauty is not in the eyes of the beholder (as the world would want you to think). Beauty is in the eyes of the Creator. Oh… If only we had such perfect vision.

DSC_0171__© 2015 Gregory Pai
(Seville, Spain)

If you are an artist or creator of any type, your creation is beautiful to you first. Only once you share it with the world, can it be “appreciated” (or not). However, no opinion will change the fact that it is beautiful to you!

Everything in the world is beautiful to God because He created it for good and out of love.

From the beginning, man took God’s creation into his own hands and has since shaped the meaning and assignment of beautiful and ugly based on his own definitions, pursuits, and motives.

Nevertheless, nothing that we think or say can change how God views all of His creation.

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