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Seasons Change (End of Fall)

by Greg Pai
Photo Credit: Mo’NY (Sophia, Bulgaria)

End of fall
Seasons change
Rearranged plans and pace
Never can find
the perfect time
for troubles I may face

Fears takes hold
Touch bottom that’s bottomless
Escaped confidence; Surrender all choice
Unrest in the unknown
disrupting my home
An absence of God’s voice?

End of fall
Seasons change
Firmly chained, to mysterious fate
Where is trust
when it I need it most
Why must it come too late

Falling leaves
depict the end
of a summer friend, The loss of a lover
Though without their fall
no winter will call
No chance to meet another

So when seasons fall
they give way to rise
In God’s eyes, blessings and bliss
And more than this
His unfailing love
melt thy troubles
into doves.

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