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Dear God. I Know You Are There…

“I Know You Are There Because I Am Here.”
by Greg Pai

I have been young
I have been old
At times withdrawn
Other times bold

I’ve felt rich
I’ve known poor
It’s loved that I love
And ignored I abhor

I seek joy
Avoid pain
Told I’m predictable
But can act insane!

Often I’m smart
Sometimes not so much
Occasionally strong
Sometimes needing a crutch

I can be honest
And yes, I can lie
Because I am not perfect
Except in Your eyes

But the one thing I’m not
Since You made yourself known
Is trapped in the darkness
of being alone

It can’t be defined
And barely explained
But If I don’t at least try
Only I can be blamed

So I’m telling the world
I know You are there
I know this my God
Because I am here



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