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“In God We Trust…”

The Founding Fathers of the United States knew this much. They didn’t imprint the currency of the new democracy with “In Government We Trust” or “In Gold We Trust.” They knew that the value and security of the republic’s entire economy could only be safe and preserved in the hands of God. Unfortunately, over this country’s relatively short history, the rich and powerful have managed to shift the trust in our economy into their own hands and we are living the consequences.

  • Disparity in opportunity
  • Wage inequities and imbalances
  • Lack of investment in education, training, and infrastructure
  • Access and costs relating to small business and personal financing
  • Taxation (without representation) at multiple levels
  • Neglect and deterioration of retirement systems and solutions
  • Inflated costs for basic needs
  • Lack of transparency and fairness in banking and Wall Street
  • Cost of war
  • Commingling of politics and finance (i.e., pay For play, lobbying, etc.)

Money should never have a relationship to power. Money is a proxy instrument for the purposes of barter. It was intended to be an efficient means of exchanging goods and services with one another. Not something that is gathered and coveted to gain control over a society. This is a weakness of man which is why it is in God we should trust and in nothing or no one else.

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