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A Handwritten Note…

I have to believe that typing shortcuts into a device or simply dictating a message loses so much of the potential to communicate. Three aspects of communication are under attack  by technology.

The first aspect is time. Time allows us to fully contemplate and complete our thoughts increasing the probability that our audience will understand what we are trying to communicate. Technology is an enemy of time because the more time something takes, the less effective the technology.

The second aspect is scope. In a world where we are increasingly shortening our messaging with technology (emails to instant messages to emojis, and beyond), we are sacrificing the spices of communication which include depth, detail, and emotion. A smiley face cannot fully articulate happiness.

Lastly, and possibly the most painful, is the loss of personalization. Technology, and the overuse of devices, have all but eliminated the personal nature of a handwritten note and the need for face-to-face engagement. We desperately need to preserve forms of traditional communication in order to stay “human.” It’s as if we are losing our thumbs!

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