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A Bone To The Dog Is Not Charity

Deep in our hearts is the natural desire to give, and give unconditionally. Besides the fact that so many of us in the developed world have so much to give, we still battle a voice that tells us not to give what we need or more than we have to. In other words, I will give so long as I do not give what I need now or might need in the future.” But what fun is that? Don’t you miss the full experience of the glory of God if you play it so safe?

I co-wrote a story of orphan children in Mexico that would give away the few items of clothes to local children in their impoverished neighborhood. Now that’s giving. But at least as remarkable was the fact that somehow, from somewhere, these clothes would get replenished and the children were never left without. What an amazing experience to witness and an encouragement that when we give that which we need, we find that somehow God still provides for our need.

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