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Put Your Shovels Away and Let It Snow!

I remember as a child cutting snowflakes out of folded paper and always entertained by the result. An acceptable rendition of what only God can produce perfectly. However, only when I stumbled on the work of a certain amateur photographer did I truly realize how magnificent a creation a simple snowflake is. Maybe not so simple after all. We can get up close and personal with the snowflake through the work of Alexey Kljatov. Get ready to be amazed!

Photographer Alexey Kljatov uses quick bursts of his shutter to animate snowflakes melting. The sequence above is in reverse.

Amateur photographer Alexey Kljatov uses a simple Canon PowerShot to capture these pristine photos of snowflakes. No, these designs aren’t the latest in 3D printing technology; they are photographs of snowflakes taken by self-taught Moscow photographer, Alexey Kljatov. Photo grapher Alexey Kljatov uses quick bursts of his shutter to animate snowflakes melting.

snowflake_sublimation_reversed“Every photographer with a simple point-and-shoot camera can make very good snowflake photos,” Kljatov said. “For this type of photography, patience, persistence and luck means much more than any expensive photo technique.” Kljatov has been photographing snowflakes for the past eight years.” read more at

These photographs inspire me to put away my clunky equipment for a minute and capture God’s wonders more spontaneously.  The moments I see them or seek them. Spend more time with them. And get closer to the miracles of creation.

Kljatov describes his process on his website.

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