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What Is Truth?

God is like truth because God is truth. Similarly, God is truth because God is like truth.

Unpack That Time! Ok – The sun hides behind a cloud for a time and yes, it is still there. It also steers to the other side of our planet for a time and yes, it is still shining somewhere. So we can conclude that the sun may not be in our presence, but that does not deny its existence. (You could still argue that even while the sun is not in our presence we benefit from its effect like energy, heat, etc.). Similarly, truth can and will get distorted, stretched, changed by opinion or perception, maligned, and even hidden or forgotten. Nevertheless, “the truth” will always be the truth which we can define as “the truth before man gets to it.”

So we could say that God is very much like the truth because even though God may not seem present at times or is denied by some, the evidence of His existence is overwhelming. Even as man attempts to distort the existence, presence, and nature of God (and successfully I might add), none of this changes the fact that God exists.

Even an atheist has to accept some form of acknowledgment of God’s existence as they authenticate their view and ultimately deny God’s existence. For example, before the phenomenon of flight, you would be among the populous if you believed that man could not fly and that the whole notion was preposterous. However, in order to discover the ability to fly, you had to first explore its possibility thereby, bringing you to a place, however temporary, where you believed it was possible. You cannot be a “true” atheist unless you have at least considered the possibility that God exists. We do not spend much time wondering if a ham and cheese sandwich could talk. One thing is for sure however, if we choose to completely deny the possibility, rest assure, we will never find out. We can only attempt to disprove it, without bias, if we first consider its possibility. That’s just the way the universe works. God doesn’t conceal or limit possibility. On man does that.

Now on to the point. Absolute truth is absolute and doesn’t change regardless of what man attempts to do to change it. Likewise, God has not, does not, and will not change no matter what the world attempts to do to eliminate or change the truth about God. God and truth share so much that the occasional interchangeability is effective.

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