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Why Does Time Fly When We Are Having Fun?

Time itself is not nearly as important as how each moment is spent. We spend time like it is infinite. Ironically, we have a greater concern for our financial wealth which is fleeting and ultimately useless without the ingredient of time. One example of such abuse is our commute to work. The average American spends one hour a day commuting roundtrip which has steadily increased since 1980. That works out to be equivalent to 1.8 trillion minutes in one year alone if you add up the commutes of all Americans. Imagine if that time were committed to community service, mentorship, or even one’s own family. And for nearly 17% of us, that commute is 2 hours or more per day.

Now, let’s add the following to the wastebasket as well including time spent (i) on the phone on hold, (ii) aimlessly surfing the internet out of boredom, (iii) window or catalog shopping with no need to fulfill or intent to buy, (iv) government red-tape (e.g., filing out forms, renewing a driver license, etc.), (v) waiting on a line for something just because there is a line (e.g., a popular ride at an amusement park, ticket to a certain show, etc.), and (vi) arguing a point that is pointless or has little relevance or significance. I fret to learn just what it all adds up to, plus the commute.

The point I want to make is that we usually have alternative choices when it comes to how our time is spent. We tend to go with the popular choices but the “not so popular” choices could have enormous advantages. Many of us have moved from urban, hustle and bustle, cities to more rural, slower paced destinations. Often that means sacrificing income or proximity to certain conveniences. But when it all adds up… Well, it all adds up and life on this earth is short. No need to make it shorter.



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