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Capturing A Miracle

Sometimes being in the wrong place at the wrong time can be the exact place at the perfect time to photograph a miracle. Many remember this amazing story of heroism on the part of the pilot and the orderly passengers who didn’t let their panic overtake their desire to assist one another. The individual who captured this moment just happened to be on a ferry not too far from where the plane landed. What could have easily resulted in a bad outcome for anyone that was in the plane’s way on descent, became an opportunity to capture and share God’s grace.

I Took the Iconic ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ Photo

“I was in New York City for business meetings, running around, trying to stay warm. I got on the 3:30 p.m. ferry to New Jersey, sat down and pulled out my iPhone. As the ferry inched toward the aircraft and approached the wing, I snapped the photo above and tweeted it to my 170 followers using TwitPic.” read more at

The photo itself, while not a high quality capture, is an amazing site and stirs quite a bit of tension.  Feels so out of place. Like a fish out of water; A plane in water just doesn’t feel right…


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