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What Happens When You Love People So Much…

…You commit nearly your entire adult life trying to improve theirs.  This is exactly what the founders of BRCK have been doing which is about to upgrade an entire continent of people who have been left behind in this era of technology and information.

CNN: This little black box could change the internet in Africa– here’s why you should care

You have to want to do GOOD and hope to do WELL.

BRCK’s founders and investors had to believe that they were doing something more than simply building another tech company what would garner the glory and riches of Wall Street. When you serve people who have been left behind, you generally don’t even know how you will make money or monetize your ideas. So, unlike the traditional world of business, you have to seek other prizes for your efforts as well. You have to want to do GOOD and hope to do WELL. God always seems to bless those who live in this spirit. BRCK is living proof. Look at the priceless faces of these children in these amazing photos.



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Photos Courtesy of CNN

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