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What Is Wisdom?

God knows everything and is the source of all knowledge worth having. One very important avenue to God’s wisdom is the process of discovery and exploration. Unfortunately, we have outsourced and streamlined our search for knowledge. Our schools teach us to memorize facts and not to seek them. Recorded history is fraught with biases and twisted perspectives. Our professions have little tolerance for inexperience and “on-the-job-learning” And now “the age of information” has given us a false sense of knowledge at our fingertips. But really, it all just sums up to noise. Quantity and not quality. Accessibility at the expense of hands-on research. “Why should I get on a plane and go somewhere to understand a unique culture when I can have CNN or a good book fill in the gap.”

We get information from sources that are not even recognizable. We get propaganda, not news, from the various 24/7 news outlets. We abstracts and not whole stories from which we form our opinions. We listen to someone who heard something from someone else. And to amplify the damage caused by this information revolution, we are getting fed in bits and bites; Snaps and Chats (as I call them). Not even whole sentences or complete thoughts.

As a result, the quality of our knowledge base is suffering and has made us an ignorant race. Socrates wasn’t suggesting that we were stupid and know nothing. Quite the contrary. He was suggesting that the only way to acquire wisdom was to first start from a place absent of knowledge and to use our God-given gifts of research, exploration, and invention to seek out the truth.

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