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Photography Provides A Portal To Many Realities For Most Of Us

The power of photography extends far past simply being an extraordinary visual art. For nearly all of us, it provides the only access to the glory or horror of the many concurrent world events we would otherwise have no way to witness. I believe that more than words or film, photos can freeze a particular moment, impress it into our present conscience, and move us emotionally as no other stimuli can. The use of photography during the Civil Rights Era, the Holocaust, the many wars (too many), and the landing of the first man on the moon are just a very few examples of this medium’s power and potential.

We enhance our connection and dependence on God when we broaden our awareness and experience of world cultures and events. God’s concern is for His entire creation. Not just a portion or limited to our specific domain. Sharing interest and concern for the world grows us closer to God. Photos also speak directly to our hearts. We don’t need a biased reporter or background narrative to tell us what we see with our eyes and with our hearts. When we seek truth in what we are observing, God will speak truth to us.


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