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Where Is The City Of True Love?

Cities are such marvelous expressions of man’s ability to create. God gives us amazing gifts of engineering, craftsmanship, design, and vision. Above the enormous complexity of any city however, is its personality which comes to life when you add people and culture to the architecture.

People always ask, “where is the best place you have ever traveled?” My typical response is “Everywhere!” That said, I do have different take-aways from each city and can often understand why a certain city might have earned a certain identity like “the city of love.” Actually, there are many cities that claim to be that title; Rome, Italy being one of them. Romance is truly in the Roman air. However, I am starting to think that every city I have visited is a city of love. So much more of my travel these days is focused on people and culture and less so on aesthetics and landmarks. So, when you travel with a passion to connect with people, you cannot help but find love. It just happens.

A little hint: People absolutely love sharing their culture. I remember a few years back when my wife and I hosted two young students from China for a few weeks at our house. Of course they wanted to see the typical landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, but the experience that will stay with them (and us) forever was the experience of getting to know one another and sharing.

I bet this is what heaven is like!

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