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Going Forward From The Past

Every new year comes with the anticipation of things to come. Often, the anticipation consumes us where we forget about the prior year from which we came. Surely your life was blessed in so many ways in 2015. Surely the year had it’s challenges and trials as well. How easy it is for those painful moments and events to consume us and cause us to forget what we had and still have.

Each evening during the last months of last year, my family entered daily blessings in what we called the “Blessing Book.” The Book served as a reflection and reminder of how good God was to us that day. On some days, it was far easier to fill the page than others. Yet, none of us ever faced writer’s block. Our blessings came in all forms.  Big and small. Obvious and not so obvious. Expected and completely out of nowhere (the best ones I might add)!

The Blessing Book was a great exercise that built our faith and reliance on God. I hope you find a project that helps you to go forward into the future with a confidence in what God has already done in your past.

Cherishing your family’s past with creative photo projects | Communities Digital News

“This year, instead of focusing exclusively on new goals and aspirations, take time to look back at how far you have come and organize your memorabilia so you can treasure past experiences.” read more at


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