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Peripheral Vision On Steroids!

Imagine that you could see the entire universe in a single photo. An artist has managed to claim this possibility through some exciting technology. While in my humble opinion such an attempt falls way short of portraying the enormity of God’s creation; I do believe it opens up a great dialog about what we truly can observe in the heavens from where we stand and if there is ever any way to fully capture “anything” that God has created.  Even the smallest of objects like an ant or a speck of dust. Nevertheless, I don’t see any harm in such a pursuit.  In fact, I think it actually graces us with a deeper understanding and reverence for what God has created. Especially the miracle of it all.

How can the observable universe fit into one photo? | MNN – Mother Nature Network

“It can be a challenge to grasp the sheer scope of the universe, but thanks to this captivating logarithmic visual by artist Pablo Carlos Budassi, you might find it easier to wrap your head around such an enormous scale.” read more at


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