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Ever Wonder Why Most Animals In The Wild Have Their Heads Bowed Down?

And this is the close to our every day! We really don’t spend enough time acknowledging our blessings or counting the countless miracles in our midst every single moment of every day. But they are abundant. How many miracles did you miss today?

Only occasionally will we take notice to the more obvious of miracles including the sunset, a passing rainbow, or an exhibition of extraordinary talent. But every breath we take and beat of our heart is a miracle. Every time we drive through an intersection, trusting that a person (who we never met) will yield at the red light so we can pass safely through is a miracle. The ability to love someone or an entire people group with the help of technology is a miracle. The power to change or impact a person’s life in so many ways is a miracle. The things we have that we take for granted are miracles. The things we don’t have that would be harmful to us are also miracles.

We really should be walking around most of our day with our heads bowed down.

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