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Every Single Breath, Eyelash, Finger, Toe, Cry and Grin…

I love watching God take our disappointments in life and turn them into abundant blessings. This is a story or a women who cold not have more children and turned this pain into a spiritual journey that multiplied the meaning of the child she had and more. It is not only a story of quality over quantity, but one that inspires us to look even more closely at God’s amazing creation – the newborn baby.

Mother expresses love for newborns through her photography |

“Tiffany Parrish says these newborns that come into her photo studio are spiritual sons and daughters of God. And that during her three-hour session, posing and looking very closely at each infant, Parrish can really feel that he or she is unique.” read more at

*Featured Photo Credit: Carme Fortià

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