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Is More, More?

Bigger is better. Much bigger is much better. And too big is even better yet. More is never enough. Much more is barely enough. And too much is only enough for now. —NOT!

This is truly the BIG LIE! How did we ever get caught in this endless cycle of madness where we spend our entire lives perpetually seeking a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow that simply does not exist.

Rich and poor alike are chasing this absurd dream. What’s worst is all the maligned sacrifice and misappropriated energy that goes into this chase. Those of us who never “had” and suddenly “get” realize that “getting” was overrated when we learn that amassing worldly possessions do not create joy. Those of us who “had” and suddenly “lose” what we had find ourselves with a hole in our soul filled with both emptiness and darkness because we were defined by our “things” and those around us were with us for our “things.”

And then there are the most fortunate of us who realize that our riches are in heaven. That wealth in this life is multiplied when we plant seeds that lift the spirits and lives of others. Where any blessings we have are meant to be shared as a blessing to others. Then the biggest bank in the world, which resides in our hearts, gets filled with gold!

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