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Now I Feel God’s Pain

By Greg Pai
Photo Credit: Greg Pai

A stem so strong
for the petals held.
So I may smell
the fragrance well.

Follicles adorn
for function and form.
God’s thoughtful design.
God’s gracious reward.

Not colors, but hues
from a spectrum to choose.
And many He’ll use.
He has nothing to lose.

Patterns and details
not always so obvious.
Embedded I trust
so that gazing’s a must.

TrichomaniaThe seasoned minds
of the world’s engineers
could not compare.
Should they even dare.

To design for efficiency;
To destroy for simplicity;
To replace with generic;
To care less bout aesthetic.

A concert without music.
A garden without sun.
We are missing the point.
We are missing the fun.

All for profit or some other gain.
It’s just not the same.

Now I feel God’s pain.

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