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A Blessing? Yes… A Blessing!

Through adversity, life is lived. This may be easier said than appreciated. However, I have said it myself and truly believe it. But, what does Mr. Duley’s amazing story and perspective say about it. Well, it says a lot and more than I can say. This is a story where the less I say, the more that is said. This is a must read; On a daily basis. Bless you Giles Duley…

Triple-Amputee Photographer Giles Duley Calls Injury a ‘Blessing’ – NBC News

Photographer Giles Duley calls the bomb that cost him both legs and an arm a ‘blessing.’ “I understand what it is to suffer from war,” the 44-year-old said as he sipped tea with a family of Syrian refugees in Mafraq, Jordan. “But you know it’s a blessing, because now I understand the people. I understand their stories more.” read more at

Photo Credit Courtesy of YUKA TACHIBANA, NBC NEWS

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