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Recording Artist Josette On Her Gift From God

Josette is a young artist based in northern New Jersey. This teenage singer/songwriter has been performing at festivals and live shows in the NYC metropolitan area since the age of eleven. One of her most memorable audiences was at the Apollo Theater where she sung at the age of twelve.

7 copy“Without God, I wouldn’t have this gift or the strength I do to keep working despite all the obstacles that I encounter along the way. Not everyone has the luxury to do what they love, but I do because I have God. He’s with me on every stage. He’s with me at every recording session and he’s with me the minute I pick up a pencil to start writing something new. It’s an incredibly difficult industry and world out there for young artists like me and somehow I’ve managed to jump over all the hurdles, but I didn’t do it all alone.“ ~ Josette

Josette began singing at the age of five. Her love and passion for music grew stronger which motivated her to become self-taught on both the guitar and piano. She was only seven when she wrote her first song “All Alone.” Since then she has not stopped. Now in high school, Josette is focusing on her new EP that she expects to complete within the next year. When she isn’t recording, she’s jumping from stage to stage singing her originals as well as covers of the most popular songs.


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