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Let There Be Light!

At the risk of stating the obvious, our childhood has a profound impact on how we appreciate the world later in life. Abundance can lead to indifference. Take light. Nearly all of us receive more than our fair share of light each day. The rising sun in the morning; the falling sun in the evening; the power to turn on a lamp, or to enjoy a flickering candle or burning fireplace are among our many blessings. However, how often do we really look deeply into the character of these different experiences. The color of light; the shadows; the highlights; the reflections and ultimately the experience of “bathing” in it. Moreover, it is light that allows us to appreciate everything in this amazing world. For in darkness, there is no world. There is no hope.

Enjoy Iranian native Parish Kohanim’s inspiring story of photography, light, and his appreciation for creation.

Art & Soul: Photographer shares passion for light, form Photographer shares passion for light, form | SavannahNow

Parish Kohanim, a sought-after commercial photographer, will never forget the flowers of his childhood in Shiraz, Iran.

“When I’m photographing flowers, I feel like that I am in a privileged universe full of beauty, love and transcendence….I think light is the most fundamental and crucial element in a great photograph,” Parish said. “I have always observed nature’s light ever since I was a child. I am still passionate about observing and paying attention to the infinite varieties and moods the natural light creates.” read more at

*Feature Photo Courtesy of Parish Kohanim

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