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Selfie (I Mean Selfish-ie) Overload!

Finally, someone took enough notice to at least lay down some ground rules for these things. Selfies, or as I call them “Selfish-ies,” are jamming up the cloud with images that are  like plaque on one’s arteries. Selfish-ies serve to distract the subject (who is also the photographer; what a concept… Not!) from all that is remarkable around them. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against a self portrait. But I have to believe there are more inspiring captures than the daily deposit of one’s own duck face, kiss face, or fish gape. If threats are cries for help, then selfish-ies are screams for attention. I suggest a better way to get attention would be to turn the camera around, capture a miracle, and share it with the world.

Nevertheless, if you insist on continuing to partake in this selfish exercise or maybe you are so far gone that you must be weaned, then at least avoid the circumstances outlined in this article. Some of them may help you save yourself-ie ! Blessings…

Nine Places You Should Never Take A Selfie

Selfies are becoming popular for people who visit locations all over the world. But they should be avoided in these places. To learn where these places are and why they are a no-no, please read more at


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