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Exhausted On The Corporate Ladder? Climb This First…

Everything in life is relative. If we are open-minded, our perspective is constantly changing which is the way we were designed. As we learn and grow the more we know. A closed mind interferes with this process and makes us vulnerable to prejudice, ignorance, and neglect. Neglect for all the blessings in our life because we are not willing to know and appreciate the world around us.

Many of us are at a stage in life where “climbing the corporate ladder” consumes our purpose and passion. In its midst, we will likely forget that it represents only a slice of our life and fulfillment. In fact, it will unlikely be the most important thing we encounter as time passes.

For these children who climb to school, they are learning about a different kind of ladder. The ladder of character. I could barely get out of bed to go to school much less climb 800 meters to get there. It probably wasn’t going to happen for me. While I was blessed with more convenience, I missed the blessing that would have better shaped my perspective on life at the time.

In pictures: Steel ladder makes 800m climb easier – BBC News

A group of children in Sichuan, China, have a new ladder to assist their 800-metre climb down to school. An aerial view of Atuler village on a cliff on November 11, 2016 in Zhaojue Barcroft Images. In pictures: Steel ladder makes 800m climb easier – BBC News

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