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Do You Have A Room With A View… Into Your Heart?

Certain opportunities for self-expression seem to reveal more about who we really are than others. For example, a fad or social phenomenon like bell bottom jeans in the 60’s or selfies (or selfishees as I call them) in the new millennium, are distortions of our true identity. Fads have power over us because they make us feel accepted by a group; Which always seems so important to us. However, the tradeoff is a costly displacement of our true preferences, personality, and individuality.

Interestingly, the customization of one’s own bedroom, particularly when we are young, is typically a place where we will allow our individuality to blossom. Maybe because it is a “safe” place that only few will ever see.

When we select a preference because others have selected it or we have a dire need to fit in, we should recognize that there is a very “personal and individual” preference that is likely being overridden, neglected, or avoided. Hence, we give up a piece of the most valuable real estate we own – our true identity.

I never did like bell bottom jeans anyway!

PHOTOS: ‘My Room Project’ Captures Millennial Bedrooms Around … – NPR

Your posters. The color of your walls. The size of your bed. Where you sleep says a lot about who you are. PHOTOS: ‘My Room Project’ Captures Millennial Bedrooms Around … – NPR

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