Images That Force Us To Look Into The Mirror

Selfies, advertising, and other staged photography all too often portray a false or fabricated depiction of our society. It is a no wonder that we don’t necessarily feel the immediate pressure to radically change our increasingly violent identity. Yet, images from around the world tell the true story of what we are becoming – Desensitized to violence.

Understandably, who doesn’t want to live in “wonderland” like Alice, where we can shut this painful darkness out from our daily lives. However, the downside is quite costly when we don’t allow ourselves to experience the true world around us. As photographers, we have a tremendous responsibility to use our craft to depict our changing society in ways that may be painful to capture and share, but necessary in order to keep our world real and responsive.

Photography Pulitzers Recognize Aftermath of Violence Here and Abroad

Mr. Berehulak said he offered to go to the Philippines after discussing the president’s bloody crackdown with David Furst, The Times’s International photo editor. Soon after, Mr. Furst assigned him – but not a reporter, entrusting Mr. Photography Pulitzers Recognize Aftermath of Violence Here and Abroad

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