Steve Irwin’s 13-Year-Old Son is Quite a Photographer

25 thoughts on Steve Irwin’s 13-Year-Old Son is Quite a Photographer

  1. Some nice stuff in there, but tired of seeing the posts fueled by nepotism. Thousands of kids out there who are just as talented but he gets an article because Steve Irwin. I’d rather see an article on someone less fortunate making amazing photos with the beat up equipment they could barely afford, held together with moxy and gaff tape. That’s a story worth telling.

  2. So much jealousy and spite are fuelling negative comments here.
    I mean sure I’m jealous of all that gear and his ability to fly around the world to capture all these beautiful shots – especially at only 13 yrs old! – but don t be bitter people, it’s not becoming.
    Just remember his life has it’s own tragedies just like yours and mine.
    How about we celebrate his talent and obvious passion for photography and leave it at that?

  3. I recently met Robert at the exhibition opening of the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year awards, where he was a finalist in the junior category.
    This is what I got from the meeting:
    He is a charming, well spoken young man. He is just as passionate about conservation as his mother and sister are. He is clearly a talented photographer.
    Like his father, Robert will be an absolute shining light in the world of animal and environmental conservation.

  4. Love this story! It’s amazing just how many young people are doing incredible stuff in photography these days!

    Just out of curiosity though, I wonder if he will get flack for being Steve Irwin’s son, just like a certain other son-of-a-famous-person. Seriously hoping he doesn’t though. He’s got some great images!

  5. The amount of negative comments here is outrageous. Some opportunities are given, some are made, go make the best out of your own and work to create more. Hating on this great kid for his opportunities and hard work helps no one.

  6. Saw one of his interviews with Jimmy Fallon, such a talented young boy and a great spirit/enthusiasm. Yet today we have other teenagers that are just… not very humble

  7. I understand the jealously. This world is built around opportunity, and some folks have more opportunity than others. Lots of a-list actors today have acting parents as well. But he’s good, and he does good with his work and that should be appreciated.

  8. This debate every couple months… his father was/is a conservation legend. He’s a young kid, wanting to follow in his father’s footsteps, he’s got a decent eye (he’s only going to get better, we all do) he also often has some well known wildlife photographers around from to time to learn from. Along with his arsenal of equipment. Good on him! As for people with the nepotism posts… that makes no sense. I don’t understand how that’s applicable in this case when they established that zoo and are the faces of it, that’s their job and legacy. Not to mention, they also have other well known keepers at their park.

  9. On every article about cameras most people comments saying that the camera is a tool and its the photographer that count. Here is an article about a kid that makes some very nice photographs and most are telling is all in the gear?

  10. A celebrity kid will definitely have a much easier path than almost every other photographer on the planet, but at least one can say that he’s much, much better than Brooklyn Beckham.

  11. Look at all the bickering on here… let’s get the record straight for once!!!

    He’s not using Sony or Nikon… he is using Canon… that’s two more points for Canon.

    *waits for triggered gear bros*

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