This Guy Flew His Camera Drone Onto, Inside, and Under a Moving Train

25 thoughts on This Guy Flew His Camera Drone Onto, Inside, and Under a Moving Train

  1. Firstly, let me say that he is the best drone pilot I have ever seen… secondly, he should have his drones confiscated, be legally barred from flying, and should face every civil and legal penalty available for potentially interfering with a train. If he is this reckless with a moving train imagine what other stunts he has pulled around crowds, buildings, etc… asshats like this will eventually have drones banned for public flight… after seeing this I am inclined to agree.

  2. I am a drone pilot and I don’t get it. Please explain it to me: What could a 3 pound plastic drone do a steel train weighing hundreds of tons exactly? Do you expect the train driver to see the drone, panic and swerve the train off the tracks? You do know that trains don’t have steering wheels, right? I happen to be planning to fly a drone over a train so convince me now ahead of time that this is a bad idea. Please don’t use words like explosives or ISIS to make your argument. This is the real world and not some fantasy video game.

  3. What the hell!! This guy should be in jail! Making the rest of us drone pilots look bad! Video reported to YouTube for Harmful dangerous acts. One wrong move and this could have costed a ton of repairs and stricter regulations on the rest of us!

  4. That’s pretty cool. I love how everyone is so OMG that’s dangerous that’s reckless jail time blah blah blah. Noone got injured, no one is being annoyed constantly. What’s the worst that can happen? The drone gets smashed under the wheels? For gods sake a 120 tin wagon is not going to get derailed by a 20kg drone!

  5. If everyone on here is such an expert at law, please cite the laws he broke and what section they are listed under. I’m truly curious!

    Also if you think acts like this are going to get drones banned, you’re crazy. People will continue to misuse technology. Cars will be used for illegal drag races, computers for DDOS, etc. the point is, laws will created to fight against acts like this and the people responsible for acts such as this will be prosecuted.

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