Photographer Gets Rape Threats for Hairy Female Legs in Adidas Photo

22 thoughts on Photographer Gets Rape Threats for Hairy Female Legs in Adidas Photo

  1. Aside from the prolific normalisation of rape culture now being so part of the Internet that people don’t think twice about saying such horrific things, is the responses on this post. The number of people judging her for having hairy legs (seriously… Do you think women shave their legs because of your opinion? Are you so important?) but also the number of people stating she’s attention seeking and it can’t be true. Oh to live in that patriarchal world of self entitlement and privilege.

  2. What blows my mind is how trained we are to be disturbed by what is actually normal. Myself included. I often find myself judging on looks. Which is a joke, because plenty of people judge me on looks. At least I keep it to myself.

  3. Perhaps my mind was permanently scarred b a plump..not so attractive French teacher in High School that walked around with high heels and unshaven legs….it does not do a thing for me whatsoever ..except wanting to give her a donation to get some razors,,,

  4. People send death threats these days if you change the label of a soft drink or if you have an opinion on anything. In the US, if you don’t receive an anonymous death threat you’re a nobody. It’s the kind of thing that makes agents excited, because you’re starting to get noticed.

    Women get rape threats just for being online or visible to the public. Being plugged into the interwebs gives whack jobs the ability to be more prolific about their threats, instead of spending all their time cutting out individual letters from magazines and pasting them together.

  5. Not suprised. Go hang out on Reddit you’ll see this. The funny thing is most of them aren’t even 15 years old. And the ones who are older, aren’t mature as 15 year olds.

  6. The attention should be more on the shoes and less about hairy legs. I’m sure where she’s from women might night shave a whole lot.

    I think too many people require others to live by thier superficial standards.

    No one has to live exactly like you do.

    Women already have far to many stupid things we “have” to do.

    I think any man complaining should go shave his legs and put a bra on, wear a thong and apply makeup everyday for a month.

  7. There will always be sad pathetic impotent losers that have a need to bolster their self esteem by making threats like this. They get off on it because no one wants them, no one likes them and they’re losers.

  8. I call BS. She probably made it up to ride the old, tired wave of social justice war. People saying it’s ugly is not enough. Let’s say we got RAPE THREATS!!!!1!, to show that people who oppose our “brave statement” are horribly, horribly evil, and we are valiant, fearless knights of the glorious Army of the Infinite Deconstruction Society, because we have no fear when it comes to fighting wars that make us look immeasurably good.

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