The Yashica Y35 is a ‘digiFilm’ Camera with Pretend Film Rolls

24 thoughts on The Yashica Y35 is a ‘digiFilm’ Camera with Pretend Film Rolls

  1. Just bin the idea Yashica and get serious. You guys came up with the Electro 35. Why not a camera to rival the x100 in the form of a digital Electro 35 instead of this crap?

  2. I got my first 35 mm camera in 1974 and it was a Yashica GSN Electro 35. It was my introduction into real photography. With this in mind 43 years later, I still have that camera and have used it on occasion. For nostalgia sake alone I’ll shell out some money on this one. If for no other reason than my mom gave me that first camera and every time I pick this up I’ll be reminded of her gift of a lifetime of photography.

  3. I think this is the death of both analogue and digital photography.

    The ultimate resume of our modern society: “Hey look at me, I’m a vintage-pal shooting with film!” when all you are is a too-comfort-zoned photographer that relies on digital sureness that pretends to be a patient, old-style (not school) “photographer”.

    The worst concept I’ve ever seen. No words. Unbelievable.

    Go buy a bunch of films, a 50$ (real!) camera and go shoot (and print)!

  4. For a specific use (maybe street photo or short trips) I think it could be an unexpensive way to have digital photos. The price is the hook, there’s no screen, no configuration menu, no stabilization, no HDR, no time-lapse, no slow-motion video (who needs anything?). Oh, no chimping allowed, it could be great !! Maybe you should learn to expose and that is a con 😛

  5. So, in essence it’s a roleplaying gadget for re-enactment purposes – like a nerf gun or a foam latex sword. If that’s the route you want to take, why not go all the way and emulate the Semi-Olympus or the Rolleiflex? Could be a great hit with steampunk cosplayers 😛

  6. From what i understand about Japanese culture and their attitude toward design, this camera is meant to capture more than just digital images. It is as much for the experience of the photographer as for the subject. It seems meant for the photographer to pay more attention to the process of photography than the product. It’s almost meta.

    Unfortunately, it may not excel at what other similar cameras cost, i.e. taking pictures, so it will remain a niche item. Interesting, tho.

  7. in the digital realm, Yashica is the Blob of the movie Monster vs Alien, where he is famous for saying
    “gentlemen, I may not have a brain, but I have an idea”
    and many will fall in love with his so called stupid idea

  8. C.O.O.L.
    Analog in the mind.
    Digital at the end.
    That’s the way to learn photography.
    Most people struggle with iso/Aperture/shutter speed.
    Now you can take time to learn and think about it. No reviewing your photos in realtime. Learn it the hard way.
    Thanks Yashica.

  9. If I had more money I’d almost be tempted to support this crazy new format, but then it wouldn’t really last long with 1 camera from 1 maker, and already such backlash and derision.

    Money better spent on film anyway…

  10. When I was a little boy there used to be plastic cameras with a little red window on the back so you could see the frame numbers on the 126-size film. It had one shutter speed but was fun to play with. This new camera reminds me of that camera.

  11. 1/3.2-inch sensor…
    and with that we can leave it, along with our dreams of a X70 or RX100 style Yashica, at that,
    A nice dream it was, a foolish dream to be sure, but a nice dream… time to dream another dream

  12. Well, “unprecedented” is certainly correct, in the sense that I don’t think anyone was asking for a real-life implementation of Hipstamatic.

    I mean, if you’re going to revive a brand, creating something that appeals primarily to the market of pre-teen film hipsters is maybe not the way I’d go.

  13. I’d have a greater appreciation for this idea if the images were stored on the Digi Film, were limited to 36 exposures, and required using up the “roll” before inserting another. That would be a better mashup of digital and analog. Instead, it’s a gimmick. That said, I’m fine with the lack of LCD and it requiring a manual advance to take another shot.

  14. This is the most anticlimactic announcement ever.

    I was so excited to hear that Yashica was entering the market again, and what do we get…. A camera that uses software to inhibit every single process of taking a photo for the sake of nostalgia plus making you pay for colour profiles that come free with every digital camera ever and output in a format that is useless for anyone looking for anything aside from a insta ready JPG.

  15. For me it breaks down to this: the marketing department of the holding company who now owns the Yashica brand found a way to sell filters. I believe there’s a famous P. T. Barnum quote which would apply perfectly here….

  16. Rather like that idea someone tried to get off the ground, of a digital 35 roll of ‘film’ to use with film SLRs. Took years to develop after it was announced, then when it was finished and ready to be launched, it failed because the pixel count was very low. But I like the sound of this, it teaches users to be patient and not to just keep pressing the shutter without thought.

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