How NOT to Become a Brand Ambassador as a Photographer

24 thoughts on How NOT to Become a Brand Ambassador as a Photographer

  1. Sorry, but if I have 100k followers or more, and I have everything that you ask for, I won’t be asking you to be an ambassador. You’ll have to come to me and PAY ME (with actual money, not products) to be an ambassador. That’s the other side of this story. The CEO of a company complaining about people asking for free stuff, when most of the companies approach the “influencers” (I don’t really like the word, either) and ask for free advertising, or just pay with their product (or exposure bucks).

  2. The irony in this article is epic. Old mate makes a few very solid points, but for me they’re totally lost amongst his arrogant long-winded diatribe about how wonderful he and his company are.

    Whilst I am fully aware that I’m nowhere near the lofty levels of photographic superstardom that would warrant his attention to essentially promote his products for free – there’s no way I would associate myself with any brand that takes that kind of an attitude.

    I’m almost considering spamming his email account with iPhone pictures of puppies, just for the hell of it. Get over yourself idiot.

    PS – never heard of your company before now, but I love my Benro GoPlus Travel so it’s irrelevant anyway… 😉

  3. I WISH somebody would make me a gear ambassador. Problem is I generally have to build all my own specialty equipment because nobody makes systems capable of what I require. I guess I am my own embassador?

  4. Very smart marketing by this guy. And he’s right about every single thing he said, albeit somewhat prentious and definitely self serving (I’m gonna buy one of their products to see if he can back up his attitude…).

  5. I have few hundred followers and I am gaining more on my instagram everyother day. I sent an email out for one of manfacturers and they responded back asking what my plans are. I am happy they responded.
    On the other side you have company like these who thinks they are above all and want to endorse who are established. Why dont you sell tripods only to people who has 100k followers.

  6. Having up-on-the-cloud award winning book published “ambassador” won’t do good for your brand in the long run.

    If the people can’t connect with the ambassador, they won’t look at your stuff.

    It is good to have a mix of ambassador from different generation.

    Most people buy stuff because their friend is using it. If customer could not consider your ambassador as their friend, they are less likely to be attracted to your brand.

  7. I’ve got no problem with the article. 3 legged thing is a British company. Also the way he wrote the article is also very British in that it is straight and too the point and not caring about if it may offend someone.

    I think what he is getting at is something I thought should apply to everyone.

    Never expect anything for free. Always be willing to pay.

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