Famous Greek Monastery Bans Foreign Weddings Due to One Raunchy Photo

25 thoughts on Famous Greek Monastery Bans Foreign Weddings Due to One Raunchy Photo

  1. Consequences is something All must evaluate when think to perform anything … Imagine now how many dreams of couplesbroken around the globe and jobs from local ones as a result of an unthinking act 🙁

  2. Why have you pixellated it so much? They’re not actually engaging in a sexual act. She’s kneeling in front of him and the angle is suggestive, but it’s clearly staged and nothing significant is on show. Being so coy in displaying the picture serves no purpose other than to imply the image is more explicit than in reality, so generating additional clicks to your site from people expecting to see more when they land there, i.e clickbait.

  3. Well, as long as it was fun for THEM, …who cares about anyone else.
    I do have to say that it’s also hard to feel too terribly sorry for folks with the spendable cash to afford an international wedding. Partly because I’ve so many friends and family who’ve been affected by recent disasters. My perspective is obviously skewed at this point.

  4. The idea one would include in their wedding photos what I might assume is a pretend at depicting a sexual act boggles my mind, to do that at a place of worship makes me wonder at the maturity of the couple to embark upon marriage for anything other than the wedding day, the dresses, the location.

    It seems to me marriage is more and more about the wedding day than anything else.

  5. This doesn’t have so much to do with photography as it does respect and sensitivity for other cultures. I suspect they have chips and sphag bol instead of local cuisine. Hey that’s me-judgmental as L.

  6. That’s overreacting. For the act of one couple, they ban everybody. Gez, what a stupid decision. They could find lots of other solutions, but they decided to go with a ban for all the couples living outside, impacting in the same time the destination weddings industry. Idiots!

  7. This is there is a fine line between civilize human and animal instinct, acting civilize requires a trained and disciplined brain, while animals hump all over the place. Decide what you are and act on it.

  8. I worked for a catering company that served weddings throughout high school. I can tell you that most people actively perform sexual acts and have little concern for the location.

    One thing everyone should keep in mind is that Greeks generally don’t like American or British tourists to begin with.

  9. Pretty stupid on the part of the couple. It’s a monastery for crying out loud. However, what the monastery could do in the future, is charge a fee. The fee could cover the cost of a “chaperone”, provided by the monastery. That person would in the future, be there to ensure that people don’t act so stupidly in the future. Unreal.

  10. I was more surprised by her lack of understanding the consequences. The couples actions led to god knows how many weddings having to change venues, because they wanted to feel cheeky.

  11. Yea well churches are notorious prudes, they should have known better. You know for priests sex comes directly from the devil and you shouldn’t do it apart from getting children. In any case you are not allowed to have fun. At all.

  12. I think that’s pretty disrespectful. If you want to have a wedding in a church at least abide by their code of conduct. The spirit of disregarding other countries’ customs and religious values seems to be alive and well.

  13. Distasteful photograph, and slightly representation of pornography. Religion or not, I guess people these days feel that sex is no longer something sacred, private or intimate with their partner. Shameless….

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