‘I’m Back’ is a New Digital Back for Old 35mm Cameras

25 thoughts on ‘I’m Back’ is a New Digital Back for Old 35mm Cameras

  1. Thank you for your comments on my project. My idea is only transform an analog camera into a digital one – but, low cost – . It consists in a small camera that photographs the surface of a focusing screen and saves the photos in a micro SD. You can view the photos via Wi-Fi through a smartphone or IPad. but – thanks to the fact that it’s only screwed behind – you can still use the original functions of an old analog camera.. In the last 10 or 15 years, people have started a rush in search of pixels.
    To such a point that they were forgetting the photographic composition. I noticed a decay, a lack of creativity, and the matter of discussion was just how many mega pixels my machine has more than yours. What really counts is the composition and the appearance of the photography.
    With the old cameras, people were more careful since they had little or no margin of error while taking picture on a film. I meet some resistance from extremist photographers. I do not believe in the extreme, but in the middle.
    Honestly my idea of a product, was not made for conservative photographers (whether digital or analog), neither to “replace” the film or even to match the quality of the latest digital generation, I’m just trying to push the use of analogic cameras by the general public. But there are people who talk either analog or digital. But what about the art of photography? My project resumes machines that people did not want to dismiss for a variety of reasons, personal memories, or because it was their father’s, so I thought I’d suggest a solution for them to take those relics out of the drawer again. I consider I’m Back a gadget and not to a high-tech product (although it has great technology, 16mpxl, micro SD, WIFI, HDMI). I’m Back is something to be used for fun. The quality should not be compared to that of a digital camera or an analogic camera. I can compare it to those who like to take different pictures, like “Pinhole” or “Lomo”. For technical details you can visit my Kickstarter page where I illustrate how it works. Support this idea!
    Link to the Kickstarter campaign:http:// kck.st/2g0MESH
    Some pictures taken with a Nikon F + 50mm and I’m Back – (current version with 8mpxl sensor) what will be produced will be 16 mpxl.
    Page: http://www.imback.eu

  2. This product is just stupid. If you have an old film camera shoot film and learn how to really be a photographer. If you already shoot digital and want to shoot with older glass just get a adapter that works on your digital camera.

  3. Interesting idea, not sure this will catch on tho. I think if we want analog cameras around, someone needs to make a cheap, easy to fix and customize analog camera that’s better than a Holga, but smaller than a Nikon F50 (or whatever they’re on now).

  4. If you wanna shoot digital, get a digital camera. If you wanna shoot film, get a film camera. If you wanna shoot digital with retro glass, get a Nikon or Leica. Simples. No need for any of this gimmickry.

  5. So unproductive with crappy results, frankencannibalizing an analog camera for the sake of instant gratification..dumb, dumber…best is to load those cameras with a 35mm roll and enjoy the pure fun of taking pristine negatives or slides with fresh film and processing available everywhere. Or fit your half wit digital DSLR with older lenses..Instant gratification with an older feeling…worst there is seeing the iphone as creative parasite to the analog camera…

  6. There are several old cameras that all use this same type of detachable back system. Cannon, Contax, Nikon, and Kiev, and possibly more. I wonder if you can use this same back for all of them. The Kievs have interesting glass and come at a much better price then many of the other models.

  7. My old Canon camera can get 4k UHD video. Yeah. Concept wise it’s sort of like the old Nikon NC2000. Form factor wise it reminds me of the Kodak/Nikon Pronea based DCS 315/330.

  8. Make me a digital back that has an integrated vertical grip for the Mamiya 7 medium format camera then ld be interested, 35mm sensor market is already saturated with excellent cameras.

  9. Not quite why someone would take a compact SLR and throw that large back onto it. It defeats the purpose of having a small camera. I’d rather just a Nikon Df if I wanted something like that…or a regular DSLR.

  10. Please stop trying to make analog camera digital. There is no single point of doing this! If you like film – shoot film, if you like vintage lenses – mirrorless with an adapter will make if 100 times better.

  11. Your eyepoint is moved AWAY from the viewfinder because of the back’s design. I don’t care how big your viewfinder perspective is, it’s compromised by moving your eye away from the finder at least an inch to an inch and a half. No thanks.

  12. Getting closer but there needs to be a universal digital thing to stick in old film cameras, the few cameras it will work on will skyrocket in value making this impractical.

  13. Wow! I’m sure this kickstarter will be the one to make it happen!

    This won’t start out as a scam but your money and the project owners will disappear into the night. Are they going to build a different model for every style of camera back out there?
    Better companies have tried.

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