Here’s One Photographer’s Camera Kit at the Kentucky Derby

21 thoughts on Here’s One Photographer’s Camera Kit at the Kentucky Derby

  1. It amazes me at all of the “fantastic” photographers that comment online about this article. Have any one of them actually looked up to see the amazing photos that Bill has made at the Downs? Think you could make all of these with two cameras and two bodies, or better yet, with your iPhone. Like to see you prove it to us all. Do your research before making your inane comments.

  2. Read the article. He’s setting up at different locations and triggering remotely.

    “As you know with remotes you have to be prepared to cover a lot of possibilities — the horses didn’t tell me who is going to win. With multimedia the number of frames used is significant.”

  3. Its not crazy if you have ever been part of an event like this. Its very Olympic like with coverage. Editing this stuff is insane. Our team had it to the servers in under 5 mins after a race.

  4. 20 assistants? How retarded are you. Not even the head photographer at Churchill has 20 assistants shooting his work and not getting credit for it. Of course he will have assistants but those will be used to make sure the remote cameras are set up, as cards retrieved for uploading etc etc

  5. Wonder if he got ‘the shot’. And yes, I understand exactly when, where and how each piece will be staged to capture as much dramatic action from as many interesting angles as possible in 2 minutes. And still, I wonder.

  6. He doesn’t mention how much of this is owned, vs loaners from Nikon Professional Services. I have gotten loans from NPS at a lot of major events. I understand for a 2 min race you have to have every part of the track covered with remotes. But Bill is not alone with this, he has assistants that will do a lot of the work.

  7. Impressive collection. Although I think is is only the highlights to the kit. There’s only 6 spare batteries on the table. No cords cards chargers flashes ac power cables the manfrotto arms tripods. I imagine the full collection of everything is even more impressive. Good luck. I wish you the best.

  8. Lovely Gear..That will be fun, Good luck , Read about a camera club who did a race track with cars, Placed people right round the track & made a massive panaramic, Was a while back..

  9. he is probably trying to get all the shots for 25 other photographers by setting up cameras everywhere. more about lots of shutters flying in order to get the shot. or he is getting paid by Nikon to use lots of their equipment. i admire photographers who know where to get the best shot and when to snap the shutter and get great shots. some photographers can shoot 50 thousand images and can come up with a couple of great shots.

  10. Wow…all those toys.
    What great fun.
    I’m just glad I don’t have to edit all of those images. O_o LOL

    Setup: time consuming
    Triggering: simple enough
    Editing: are you freaking kidding me?!
    Nailing that one shot: worth it.

  11. Where’s that photo of the Aussie lady shooter festooned with cameras, taking a photo? Can’t find it. But she was this guy after harvesting her remote cameras at a horse race.

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