How to Post Photos to Instagram From a Desktop Browser

23 thoughts on How to Post Photos to Instagram From a Desktop Browser

  1. It works for me!!!! I’m using Windows 10 with Microsoft Edge, I had only to press F12 for developer mode, and on the emulation tab I had to choose „Device=iPad“ and Instagram showed the camera symbol for the upload and upload worked….

  2. “Apparently there are also still humans using the Blackberry, and there is no official app for them either…” Um yes, I have a Blackberry and I chose it over the other “common” choices because I like to be able to use an actual keyboard on my phone. I can’t stand the fact that companies and trends try to pigeon hole and dictate to us what we should buy.

  3. This author clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about in regards to shadow bans and instagress. First, instagress was shut down because it used a trademarked term (“insta”) in its name. This is why exactly zero other bot services were shut down along with instagress. Second, shadow bans have nothing to do with how you access Instagram; they affect people who use third party services and they affect people who play by the rules too.

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