The Star Eater Issue: Why I No Longer Recommend Sony Cameras for Astrophotography

22 thoughts on The Star Eater Issue: Why I No Longer Recommend Sony Cameras for Astrophotography

  1. Thank you for posting this!!!! Maybe now Sony will finally fix this. It’s an easy firmware fix. The fact that they haven’t done this still is just horrible customer service. They used to have this as an issue affecting BULB exposures (which is already bad for astro) and with the latest firmware they now have it affecting anything over 3.2seconds which is just terrible. They need to create an option to just turn it off for ALL exposures regardless of duration.

  2. Manipulating RAW is completely unacceptable! But i suppose that Canon also do it in the 5Ds/5DsR. Maybe they should stop calling it RAW. Then the customer can decide whether to buy a camera without RAW support or not!

  3. Or, he could wait till Sony figure it out and release new firmware, thus saving photographers having to make a wallet and career-impacting choice of system based on one firmware upgrade?

  4. Ian Norman’s site ( lonely speck ) is one that a lot of people go to learn about Astrophotography. He has many many suggestions on what gear work’s best for him. A lot of his readers take that to heart before buying len’s and or cameras. All he is doing is informing people who take Astrophotography serious that there is an issue they need to be aware of before buying Sony hardware. I own a Sony A7ii and love using it. It was my first serious step into proffesional photography so I really don’t have any other experince to compare it to. I’m looking to upgrade to the Sony A7rii but may wait a little longer to see if Sony releases a new version in a few months, as much as I love my camera, there are things that can be improved. I was also thinking about getting a used Sony A7s for Astrophotography. After reading this article it really cemented my decision instead of buying a Sony A7sii ( that and the fact I really don’t need the 5 axis stabilizer for taking photos on a tripod).

  5. Turn off DRO and Long Exposure NR. Only use uncompressed Raw or JPEG with High ISO NR off. I’m thinking he had DRO set to auto which, when taking a long exposure, darkened some stars into nothingness or just made them less bright.

  6. Empty, non sequitur and meaningless rhetoric. Your campaign to destroy both a brand and those who use that brand is only alienating those who use Sony mirrorless cameras further away from your shriveling Nikon/Canon fanboy club. Obama once referred to old school conservatives as those who “Cling to their guns and their religion”, the same can be said for those who cling to their obsolete 20th century SLR mirrors. Striking astro photos come from skill, not just from one who drives a Ford instead of a Chevy. I also find it very ironic that there is no photo button in these comments. What’s the matter? Afraid a Sony A7rII shooter like me will post a good photo to counter your B.S. post?

  7. Lol the smallest niche photography genre? Sorry but im sure Sony is not worried. Sony just kicked Nikon into 3rd place, they dont need to worry because a handful of photographers cant shoot stars. Sony can fix anything with a firmware update, its whether or not they want to, because with sales going up and up, why bother and just release the next model! lol

  8. This is definitely sucky performance and an overstep by Sony…they will eventually have to roll it back. What about the “white dot” noise issue? Do the 42 MP sensors have it?

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