Do You Have a $4,000 Travel Photo Sitting on Your Hard Drive?

22 thoughts on Do You Have a $4,000 Travel Photo Sitting on Your Hard Drive?

  1. This article in no way reflects the real-world expectations one should have on microstock sales. If you have a really good images which have potential, license them properly via proper agencies or direct licensing and make what you are worth. If you put it on microstock sites, adjust expectations to 50 cents a month+ losing the ability to actually sell a proper lisence when the opportunity presents itself.

  2. Good article. I too upload travel and other casual photos to stock photography sites. There’s not much money to be made, but it’s fun to see my photos be sold and used in various publications and websites. It’s a hobby and not a business.

  3. “I don’t take stock photos; meaning, when I am out taking photos, it never crosses my mind if it will sell on Microstock or not.”

    This is a sure path to frustration when trying to license stock.

    There is a lot of incorrect or incomplete information in this article. I wouldn’t suggest anyone quit their day job. If you want more and varied real life info, check out .

  4. first time I hear about it..! can someone tell me how it works? I guess I need to create a profile first, then I start upload photos and pictures, but does it mind if I have them uploaded in other sites as well, but not gaining any money from them, like Facebook or Instagram?.. also another one question, when I upload a picture, am I able to have just one “buyer” per picture or I can leave it uploaded and different people who are interested in it keep buying it?..

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