The Story Behind this Viral Photo of a French Policeman on Fire

24 thoughts on The Story Behind this Viral Photo of a French Policeman on Fire

  1. This is sad. It is a shame that people would be so destructive that they would willingly and purposefully try to maim or kill another person. Just because they wear a police uniform doesn’t mean they aren’t human also. And what is more frustrating is these hoodlums will probably get away with this, which may further embolden them to do something more heinous in the future.

  2. That sort of protestor does whatever they can to incite police to use force against them in order to exploit it for sympathy. Often when we see footage or photos of police or counter protestors being harsh to protestors, the videos are edited to remove what had been done to cause the police to act, and photos chosen to imply one sides culpability only. But the advent of smartphones and the internet makes using such deceptive tactics no longer as effective as it may have been before.

  3. Seriously ? You guys in the comments, have you at least taken 2 seconds to read the article ?
    If I show you a picture of Bokassa and the crazy expensive receptions he had, you’ll generalize saying Africa has been lying all the time and conclude that world hunger is a myth and all the people living there are crazy wealthy ?
    If I show you a picture of the US of a guy living miserably in an RV in the middle of nowhere, will you conclude that this country is full of hobos ?
    Use your brain maybe instead of taking everything as it’s given to you. Plus, this is supposed to be a photography blog not a political one, so enjoy the picture or don’t and go spread your predigested ideas somewhere else.

    “I always follow [a group who hide their faces behind bandanas and hoodies] because, from past experience, I know they always cause trouble,” he said. “They’re very violent.”

    Yeah that sound like the average demonstrator in France, sure and the country (come on let’s generalize even more why restrict that narrow minded vision to Paris) is at war.

  4. Everybody is quick to condemn entire groups and use those groups as straw men arguments to condemn entire political beliefs systems so they can feel good about themselves as they further divide a nation and make things worse.

    Yes it’s terrible when protesters get violent. It’s also terrible when police curb stomp handcuffed teenagers. All this violence isn’t coming from nowhere. And people are quick to take either side when it suits their own political bias. I remember when far-right groups were talking of killing cops 12 months ago. Now they’re condemning far-left groups for being violent against cops at protests.

  5. But when the police kill and maim without cause, are those to be considered “acceptable losses”? The act is wrong because it is brutal and wanton. All such acts should be roundly condemned, without equivocation.

  6. The fact that their uniforms are fireproof and fireteams are on standby behind the police line as is normal SOP’s, is completely overlooked! Buy hey, it likely a 11000’s by the time the photographer blinked, the fire was extinguished. Believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see..

  7. The guys who did this are part of a minority group referred to as “Black Bloc” fighting for radicalism, antiracism and autonomy. Please don’t think that all demonstrators in France are like this, this does not reflect the crowd at all.

  8. I’m so surprised, that people who are suppose to know (they are photographers after all) what taking a picture is about and what it implies, are swallowing this without any fact checking or documentation about the situation here in my country. Remember : A picture can say anything, depending on who takes it of course. The real question is why is it out all around the world especially now during election time ? And even more important : “Who benefits from the crime.” ? 😉

  9. Stop calling them “demonstrators”.

    If they are doing things like this they are “rioters”.

    Hell, I’d even be ok with classifying them as “enemy combatants”, and dealing with them accordingly.

  10. yeah…..people are fed up with the government. So how can you really feel bad. Im sure these people aren’t all bad people but if your on the side of the oppressors, what can we say.

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