LensCulture and the Commodification of Rape

25 thoughts on LensCulture and the Commodification of Rape

  1. I think not showing the photographer’s full explanation in the article which tells a very different story from what you may be led to believe, whilst posting a differing but complete opinion from another person is a poor form. Regardless of where you stand on issue.

  2. Whether or not the project, in the long run, proves to bring attention, and action, to end the these horrendous practices, LensCulture and Magnum have committed an act of abuse by publishing this image without adequate context, and in places it should never have been published at all. In doing so you have done immense harm, not just to yourselves, but to the photographic community at large. This pales, of course, compared to the damage you have inflicted on the victim of the crime you thoughtlessly, in effect, re-raped. You will, no doubt, receive many more comments of condemnation, and you will deserve them all.

  3. When you are in a position to do something and you don’t, it’s akin to condoning the wrongdoing.

    When you don’t even try to right a wrong but instead justify this as a means to expose the truth, it’s hypocrisy.

    When you watch a man mangle a child in the vilest way possible and decide that the lens tells a story, it’s when your conscience finds its epitaph.

  4. There is no excuse, no logical reason, no explaining to do… this is plain sick, period. If I were the photographer in this case, I’d beat the crap out of the rapist, and then take a pic…. that would get you some nice exposure too…. if that is what you really want.

  5. This article should provide a screenshot of LensCulture’s response, rather than a direct link. By providing a direct link, you are increasing LensCulture’s page hits, thus ensuring that they gain exposure from this – which I’m sure isn’t really the aim.

  6. You don’t get to pick and choose which crimes are reprehensible to capture under the guise of photojournalism. The act of being present with a camera only to document means you were present without taking action. Whether it is murder, war crimes, rape, an accident on your way to work, or any other situation like it. This is no less horrific then capturing dead bodies in war torn countries but we still give those journalists awards and celebrate the depravity they capture. It is pathetic that we know the names of the photographers better then the people who are actively trying to stop the situations they photograph.

  7. Simply put, you would not be standing around there taking pictures if ‘Beauty’ was your daughter. And you certainly wouldn’t post a picture of a child being raped if she was your daughter.

  8. I do have a problem with the use of this image to promote a photo contest. Not to say that it isn’t important as a photojournalist to get thought provoking images. Photojournalists must be able to communicate/report to us the good, the bad and the ugly in the world today. It is poor form to use such an image to promote a photo contest. Personally, I think this particular image is exploitive. There are many ways to present the story without being in the subject’s face, standing over her during the act. We must try to present such subjects with a sense of dignity for those involved.

  9. Photojournalist is not a show but one of the ways to prove and report crimes. Before you post this kind of photo you have to be sure it won’t be shared and miss used like this. Shame on LensCulture and Magnum!!!

  10. Lust for money and fame. Nothing to do with so called “human rights”. But one can always call this “art” or even “culture”. And one can always call porn “documentary photography”.

  11. Firstly, the concept of having to pay to compete for the “opportunity” to get published in a format that will be seen by relatively few people leaves me steamed. Then, and far more importantly, these two organizations are so desperately clinging to existence that they stoop this low. They’ve been objectifying women and sex for a very long time, but this takes it all.

  12. Well what do you expect? After so many rounds of competition, whats left that has not been shown?? I mean seriously whats left? With a simple, great pic, nicely developed on the computer, you wont get anywhere near a 10th place in a competition.

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